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TicketingHub supports a variety of payment types and payment gateways - suiting every unique tour operator needs.

Please Note: You need to have your own merchant account, as TicketingHub does not handle payments on your behalf. In addition, at no point during the checkout process does TicketingHub or the supplier get access to customers credit cards. This is passed through directly to our partners via a secure SSL connection.

TicketingHub, the first Mobile-first ticketing solution, is designed to cater to a variety of industries such as events, museums, tours, and attractions. It allows you to connect to your preferred payment gateway within minutes, whether online or on your Point of Sale (PoS) for all your payment processing.

TicketingHub offers a variety of payment options:
1. Stripe
2. Cash or Cheque
3. Credit accounts
4. Direct bank transfers
5. Point of Sale (POS) and Mobile Point Of Sale
6. PayPal
7. Spreedly

Different Payment Types & Gateway Solutions


With Stripe, customer payments go through TicketingHub directly to your account.

TicketingHub automatically deducts their fees from Stripe, ensuring no manual invoicing or payments. It's one of the reasons we recommend Stripe.

نقدا أو شيكا

For payments made by cash or cheque, TicketingHub does not charge any fees.

This option is only available when bookings are made by you or your staff through the backend.

Credit Accounts

Credit accounts are usually associated with resellers like Groupon, Living Social, and Travel Zoo.

It means that they owe you money for the vouchers they have sold on your behalf - in effect you've given them a credit account.

There are no TicketingHub fees for Credit Account payments, but you need to invoice your reseller to receive your payment based on your agreed terms.

Direct Bank Transfers

For payments made via Direct/Bank Transfers, TicketingHub charges no fees.

This option is only available when bookings are made by you or your staff through the backend.

Point of Sale and Mobile Point Of Sale

For payments made through our mobile POS using devices from Adyen Verifone, Izettle, تلخيص, or Ingenico solutions.

TicketingHub charges certain fees.


For payments made through TicketingHub using your PayPal account, TicketingHub charges certain fees.

We will manually invoice you, and you must make a manual payment to TicketingHub.

بخطى سريعة

For payments made through TicketingHub using any other payment gateway other than PayPal and Stripe (e.g., WorldPay, SagePay, etc.)

Please note: TicketingHub charges certain fees. We will manually invoice you, and you must make a manual payment to TicketingHub. [This is another reason why we highly recommend Stripe.]

بخطى سريعة allows you to build top-tier payment systems, aggregating more than 120 different payment gateways.

Supported Gateways by Spreedly:

Connect with over 120 payment solutions:
1. Adyenتوفير منصة دفع واحدة على مستوى العالم لقبول المدفوعات وزيادة الإيرادات عبر الإنترنت وعلى الهاتف المحمول وعند نقاط البيع.
2. Authorize.NetAccept credit cards, contactless payments, and eChecks in person and on the go.
3. BPoint Supported by the Commonwealth Bank. BPOINT brings together all your payments data, no matter how your customer pays.
4. Bambora (formerly Beanstream)Online payment processing for businesses of all sizes. Accept payments online with a seamless payment experience.
5. Banco SabadellA banking group headquartered in Alicante, Spain, since 2017. It is the fifth-largest Spanish banking group.
6. Barclaycard SmartpayTake payments through your website or app, over the phone, or using a multi-channel model.
7. Barclays ePDQ Extra PlusAccept secure online payments with an integrated or hosted payment page.
8. BluePayAccept credit and debit payments with Gold Stevie® award-winner, BluePay. Trusted by more than 76000 businesses. Competitive rates.
9. BlueSnapBlueSnap is an eCommerce payment services provider that specializes in secure global payment processing and payment gateway solutions for online.
10. BorgunSwift and reliable payment processing solutions.
11. Braintreeقم بمعالجة المدفوعات عبر الإنترنت ، بما في ذلك بطاقات الائتمان وبطاقات الخصم والمحافظ الرقمية PayPal و Venmo و Apple Pay و Google Pay في تكامل واحد.
12. BridgePayEnabling Digital Payments for Merchants and Integrators
13. CardConnectSimple payment processing, seamless integrations and powerful security solutions for SMBs, software companies and enterprise.
14. CardstreamSecure outsource payment processing to businesses worldwide in UK.
15. CatalunyaCaixa (via Redsys)يمكن للتجار الذين لديهم CataluynaCaixa استخدام Ticketinghub عبر واجهة برمجة تطبيقات Redsys المباشرة. اتصل بنا أو بمدير حساب CataluynaCaixa الخاص بك إذا كان لديك أي أسئلة.
16. CayanCayan is the leading provider of payment technologies that give businesses a competitive advantage.
17. CecabankSpecializing in securities services, treasury management, payments, and digital solutions, serving clients in Spain.
18. CenPOSOnline payment systems for large or mid-market companies and merchants.
19. Checkout.comAccept more transactions, currencies and payment methods through one integration. Our unified payment platform gives you faster payment processing speeds.
20. ClearhausAccept credit card and mobile payments. Sign up now and get your merchant account in just 1-3 days.
21. ConektaAccept online payments in cash, card and transfer in your business.
22. CreditcallBased in the UK, providing credit card authorisation and settlement services to banks and processors in the United Kingdom, United States and Canada.
23. Finaro (formerly Credorax)Payment processing services built with online merchants in mind.
24. CulqiEl socio en las soluciones de pago para tu negocio. Todos los métodos de pago en tu web. En solo 2 horas administra tus pagos e incrementa tus ventas con.
25. CyberSourceFlexible, secure commerce solutions for everyday life.
26. DIBSدع عملائك يدفعون بنقرة واحدة ... يخزن Easy معلومات البطاقة والفاتورة والعنوان ، مما يعني خطوات دفع أقل للمستهلكين.
27. DLocalمنصة تكنولوجيا الدفع 360 للمدفوعات الجماعية عبر الإنترنت والدفعات في الأسواق الناشئة في جميع أنحاء أمريكا اللاتينية ومنطقة آسيا والمحيط الهادئ والشرق الأوسط وأفريقيا.
28. Diamond MindThe leading provider of digital payment solutions for private schools, helping over 1000 independent K-12 schools streamline, consolidate, and save.
29. Digitzsمدفوعات غير مؤلمة للمنصات. وداعا الاحتكاك والاستنزاف. مرحبا سهولة والاحتفاظ والإيرادات.
30. EPayCheap, secure and flexible online payment solutions with completely transparent prices.
31. EWAYEasy to accept credit card payments from anyone, anywhere - from any device.
32. EWAY RapidCombines all the most popular payment solutions in a single package, eWAY's Rapid API includes fraud prevention, hosted payments, and transparent pricing.
33. ElavonFrom small local retailers to large corporate enterprises, Elavon partners with ambitious businesses to deliver exceptional card payment solutions.
34. EzicA one-source, value-added solution that supports the on-line processing of card and electronic check transactions.
35. Fat ZebraFat Zebra was built as a simple way for merchants to accept credit card payments online whilst still maintaining a strong focus on security, reliability.
36. First Data Global GatewayExplore our credit card processing and payment solutions.
37. First GivingThe most complete and secure digital fundraising platform in the industry.
38. First PayFast and secure card payment processing at low rates for UK merchants.
39. Flo2Cash / Flo2Cash Simple Accept recurring and one-off payments, everywhere.
40. ForteManage the entire payment lifecycle from a single payments platform. Add CSG Forte modules or connect your own to create your perfect payments solution.

Visit spreedly.com to learn more.

Spreedly vs Stripe: Which is better?

Choosing between Spreedly and Stripe depends on your specific needs, but based on our experience with tour operators, we highly recommend Stripe.

However, for larger clients or those in countries not supported by Stripe like Egypt, Poland, Romania, and many more, Spreedly can be a viable option.

Note that Spreedly is paid for by TicketingHub.

Updated on: 20/06/2023

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